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“Jin Ao Fen” is one fig variety sold in China, but it is originally imported from California, USA.  As I mentioned in a previous post about "B
o Ji Hong" fig, many imported figs were given a code name, but the original name was lost. “Jin Ao Fen” is variety A212.  One online source I found indicates this is the same as Orphan.  The "Jin" means golden, and "Ao Fen" is pronounced similar to Orphan.  The name "Jin Ao Fen" is actually making sense as it is a golden Orphan fig.  

This fig produces breba and main corp, but it is mainly for main crop production.  It is a golden yellow fig with light yellow center.  The breba ripens around June and main crop ripens from August to October.  It is cold tolerant variety, based on China's location.  

Online Pictures:

I don't have any experience with "Jin Ao Fen" or Orphan, so I can't comment if these two are the same.

Recently, there are few fig varieties coming from China.  It is interesting to find out what those varieties are and people can decide if those are good varieties for them.  I will try to post a series of China figs in next few weeks.  

FYI, I don't have any of those China figs and I am not associate with any of those sellers.  I just want to share the information to fig community.  Enjoy!!


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I stopped buying from this source. Twigs I recieved became MOLDY in the mail- I was not happy.
That is all I am going say


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I got the Jin Ao Fen from Sunriver. Unfortunately out of 3 branches that rooted. There were 2 different phenotypes!!

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I attempted to start Jin Ao Fen recently, but it ended in disappointment for me. Can anyone direct me to a current source?

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I bought a bare root Orphan fig tree. I am delighted to know it is the same (or could be)

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pyxistort is Knowledgeable;I think you are right about the "JinAoFen" interpretation .
I am a fig lover ,not seller,I grow figs in pots because no land. 
,if you buy china fig cuttings from website, and you don't know about the sellers,You will be cheated 90%.
I was cheated two years ago because of buying figs from the china website. but now  I know some kind sellers,and some friends.We share the cuttings freely.In china,Brunswick and China Green fig(i dont know it's english name) are common,the bad sellers offen pass the Brunswick off as the fig that you want.

my English is very poor,sorry,hope you can understand what I said.

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Welcome to the forum.  I totally understand what you are saying, so don't worry about your English. :)
It is risky to buy cutting from unknown source anywhere not only in China, so we are all in the same situation.  Brunswick is not a too bad, at least they are not passing Brown Turkey cutting.  LOL
Please share your pictures and experience of the variety growing in China.  Please correct me if my information is incorrect.  

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    You cite the reason this forum is so important. It is a source of information freely exchanged. Debate is good, as it helps reveal the truth. I have found the participants here to be largely good, trustful and well meaning. Thank you for bringing the point forward.
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