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In another thread drivewayfarmer asked, "Jon ,
Do you have a top ten list of figs that "just don't get no respect"
That is the excellent ones that get passed over for the hot rare thing ?
Ones that make you say , "I can't believe these haven't been snapped up already" ?"

And Jon answered:


Strawberry Verte
Samoa Sunshine
Black Mission "NL"
...just for starters.



Now one reason most of these get overlooked is because there's not much info on them.  A google search reveals that Samoa Sunshine is a yellow fig.  That's it.  I could guess the color of Strawberry Verte, and a search says it bears heavily and isn't sweet, but there's no info on whether it needs a lot of heat, like Panache does, or any other important details.  Most have no info in Jon's variety listing.  So tell us, experienced ones, what are the key characteristics of these figs.



(PS - I'll start with Negronne - it's similar to or the same as Violette de Bordeaux)



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Beale = Beall?

[Edited:] Narragansett is a such a good-looking fig; but sadly it is remains Diesel** proof!

Saratoga has a very prominent red-eye/on-green (Sweet Lips?).

Paradiso says it all.

Panache fruit is variegated.


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So I take it Narragansett isn't dark?


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Yes, Narragansett is a white fig.


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You know the inquiry of Jon was a very good one. So many times we are stalking the "hot" ones and forget that there are many other excellent options, if we would only ask.

The good news, I have all but FOUR of these.  Now I know what other four to pursue.

Thanks for this interesting info.  Sara

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Since it was listed above I thought I would post a photo of a Beale 'FN' that I got from Encanto. This is a breba from this week.

Attached Images
jpeg Beale_'FN'_breba.jpg (882.00 KB, 37 views)
jpeg beale_FN_breba_int.jpg (905.93 KB, 44 views)


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Strawberry Verte - Turns greenish yellow when ripe.  Strawberry center.   I haven't had that many figs from this tree.  This year is the first.  So far flavor is sweet, but jury is out because I need to wait for more to ripen fully.  I've been picking them too early.  It's growing in very hot weather and it is doing very well.   It also gets pretty cold in the winter (low 40's), and did fine with no protection.  

Panache - Very yummy fig.  Fruit is variegated and pretty.  I've grown in CA where it's 60's and 70s year round and also in very hot where it's over 100 degrees nearly half the year and also bears yummy fruit.   

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Jason's take on Negronne:

My perspective on Strawberry Verte:

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Negronne is an awesome fig.

If I had to pick one white fig and one dark fig to keep in my collection (~65 varieties, 1/3 of which I've tasted), I'd pick JH Adriatic and Negronne.

Not necessarily applicable to this thread, just sayin' ;)

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Samoa Sunshine

Strawberry Verte

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