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Last year - I asked for few cuttings including the coveted "Black Madeira" from USDA UC Davis Germplasm.  Luckily - I got 1 cutting from them in March.  It was about foot long.  So, I cut it half and put in a gallon pot with good soil mix.  Initially - both cuttings started to leaf out but now seems one is dead (the tip) and other one making progress.  Finger crossed - hoping it will make it to fruit someday.



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Congratulations on getting ANY cuttings from UCD Germplasm last year, they had indicated that they were no longer providing cuttings to anyone so you are ahead of the game. The half cutting that is growing looks really good and healthy with no readily apparent sign of FMV... best of luck and I hope that the cutting grows prolifically for you....
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You're very lucky to get something from them and also having that 1/2 cutting survive and looking fine. I tried to place an order with them early last year and got denied. They were only sending out to organizations for research purposes.
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I have my 4 year old UCD BLack Madeira in ground in North Austin. It is unprotected and this is how it looks today. It has not done much and constantly suffers from extensive winter damage, but keeps coming back. The new growth this year looks healthier than in previous years, but until the roots get really established, I'm not expecting much. Considering that I have clay soil in my backyard, I consider this a win so far. I've tasted the fruit twice and it is outstanding, but the tree is taking a very long time to deliver. Luckily, I have other trees, that pick up the slack.

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