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If you were buying a young tree in the quart to gallon size, would you rather it come in a clear cup or an equivelant size fabric pot (aka grow bag)?

The advantage of the clear cup is that you can see the roots. The advantage of the fabric pot is that the roots will not be coiled. Thoughts?


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I am always nervous burying something that small. I prefer getting ones in a trade gallon pot or larger.
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I prefer a sturdy pot. Less likely to crush or disturb those young delicate roots.

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I dont think it matters that much. I've bought both and they grow equally well. With fabric pots you probably have more branched and healthy roots but many will break when you cut the fabric pot off.
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I have all the figs I ever need...
I have all the figs I ever need ...


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I prefer the cup.

You can see the roots and they are much sturdier to ship in.

If the roots get big enough in the fabric wont they curl as well or grow through the bag so that removing them damages the roots?

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