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Of the three varieties I tried to root, only two survived; Celeste and Marseilles VS, which are both in 1-gallon pots in the same soil, treated the same way. The Marseilles VS has nice, dark leaves and at less than a foot tall, is already trying to put out fruit, which, of course, I'm removing so it can grow.

The Celeste has much lighter leaves, although it is a healthy enough plant. Does this variety just have lighter leaves than the other, or does it need more nitrogen?

I'm feeding them both monthly with Miracle Gro at 1 tsp. per gallon.

TIA for your help.

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Up the feeding and they'll all turn dark green. Try once a week.

There could be and I am sure are differences in cultivars with regards to shades of green. But nitrogen has a huge effect esp on small plants like yours.

Steve in Alpine TX 7b/8a
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Give them some Epsom salt with miracle Gro for few days, Their leaves will be dark green and shining.
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Thanks, everyone! I didn't even think about epsom salts. That's a great idea. I did read that Celeste is good for containers, so maybe it doesn't have as expansive a root system, and epsom salts would surely help with that.

So I'll do the epsom salts with Miracle Gro once a week for the next few weeks and see what happens.

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FWIW, I've found that under identical conditions (same location, potting medium, fertilizer, water) my LSU Champagne has leaves that are much yellower than my Mt Etnas, RdB and others.  LSU Gold and Fico Nera Duemane are also yellow but not to the same degree.  Three characteristics that these yellow varieties (or at least my examples) have in common are (1) robust root growth; (2) rapid vegetative growth, at least early on; and (3) heavy water consumption.  

I would guess that the yellowness results from some problem related to the movement of water and nutrients.  Maybe the pot is root bound.  Maybe roots have grown down into the reservoir of a SIP.  Maybe the small (1-g) pot just dries out fast, given the heavy water demands of the Celeste.  

I would try some modest root pruning then a much bigger pot.

Joe D
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These aren't rootbound, and the leaves are not yellow, they are just a lighter green, no yellow tinge at all. I would suppose that Celeste (the lighter green one) has slower growing roots, since it's recommended for containers. The Marseilles VS is the darker green one and the one already setting fruit.

I do think that some figs may have lighter leaves, still, a little epsom salts and regular feeding wouldn't hurt them, I'm sure.


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Yes, some have different and/or lighter and darker colors.
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