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im guessing this has come up before ?
i want to buy one...


Afghan Fig
Ficus Johannis Boiss. 1846 subsp. afghanistanica (Warb.) Browicz 1982

What Western gardeners have been growing and selling recently under the name Ficus afghanistanica, likely consists of a blend of 1) the truely named Ficus Johannis subsp. afghanistanica, 2) cultivated varieties thereof, 3) and/or hybrids. Indeed the common fig tree itself (Ficus Carica subsp. Carica) may be a hybrid of Ficus Johannis and Ficus Carica subsp. rupestris. Genetic investigation will likely prove that most if not all plants sampled of either Ficus Johannis or Ficus Carica can be only regarded as one exceedingly variable species complex, in which case the oldest name Ficus Carica takes precedence, with Ficus Johannis a synonym. Regardless, gardeners will use whatever names they choose.

and what is this for sale ?
i am wondering if it fruits
and what it tastes like ?


at least 1 person thinks the fruit is good...

"I've eaten fruit from Ficas afghanistanica, from wood harvested from the Mountains of Afghanistan - it is an amazing fruit: uniquely-flavored, golden-yellow within; sort of tastes like honey, but a little brighter.

I've read that the flavor should not be that great, as it contains mostly pollen - not sure why this was written."

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I sell afghanistanica
Michael in Virginia (zone 7a) Wish list: Tiberio, Campera, Calabacita, Cuello Dama Blanca

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What do the figs look and tast like?

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the one on eBay looks very much like two I got as a seedlings.

I would want to know how it was propagated. 

I don't even know if these pollinate the same as common figs.


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