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Many people sent me cuttings for my fig class but it was cancelled by the host at the last minute.  I'm rooting them now.  Some of the cuttings I gave to a community charitable organization but they don't want all of them.  There are many avenues I could use to give them away.  If you gave cuttings and have a specific request let me know.  Some molded in a refrigerator failure.
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Very sad. Any chance urban garden -farming leauges would want them?
West Florida / Panhandle (Central time). Can get cold for figs...down to 12 F twice in last five years. Zone 8a, not counting the recent "upgrade"

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Maybe mail them back to people who sent them so no hard feelings come up.
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Originally Posted by figpig_66
Maybe mail them back to people who sent them so no hard feelings come up.

Ack!!!Plant them,gift them,sell them,chop and drop them,place them in the defective fridge.
Just don't send them back!

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  If a local High or Middle school has an AG program you could infect a whole new generation of fig enthusiasts.

 It isn't until someone has a fresh, off the tree fig, that will make them understand.

Grow it, and they will come, lol.

 Take care, Mike

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With all those fig cuttings you're the richest guy in the fig community!

Suggest plant them or give them away.
I am sure people gave the cuttings so the cuttings don't go to waste & to spread the love of figs.

At end of fig cutting season (soon) if I have cuttings left I prepare an area in my garden & stick the cuttings (1 bud above ground).   Keep moist all summer.
End of summer I end up with a bunch of trees that I can give away or sell for a good cause.


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