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I bought this tissue cultured fig plant last year that was supposedly VBD in a small 3" pot. However, I noticed it has branches with different set of leaves, one broadleaf and another regular 5-ish lobed leaf. does anyone have any idea what's happening? Thanks!

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If you search the forum, you'll see that vdb is known for that - having shoots with normal leaves and the others with broad leaves.
It may also be that the broad leaves are juvenile leaves and the others are mature leaves.
This can happen on every tree. I often get broad leaves on the root-shoots - perhaps for lack of sun since they are located under the canopy .

The stems are a bit to tight; I'd try to remove one or two with roots and pot it in another container.

You probably read that tissue cultured figtree can be long to fruit and have a tendency to sucker more than normal.
Good luck with yours !

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Only cold hardy figtrees can make it here
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