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Hi all I’m zone 6b. One Chicago Hardy tree. No problems over the winter I insulate and wrap in tar paper, probably had 300 plus figs in 3rd year, south facing brick wall etc . Question is I’ve got 3 lets call them trunks and I can see that they will very soon grow so big and thick that my choice will be either to cut them to 8 feet high and just wrap the trunks pruning everything else back. Or fold up the other branches which will mean wrapping the tree maybe 12 - 15 feet high. I can see 2018 will still be manageable and wrapping and keeping as much branches as I can enables this tree to produce a lot of fruit ( I expect a thousand in 2018). Do I just just cut the main trunks down to maybe 2’ in height and that will encourage growth from the bottom? Thanks!!

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I'm in zone 6 also. You have 3 trunks. I'd cut one down significantly to let's say 3' and leave the other two taller. The next year cut another down and the following the last one. This way you are constantly cutting 1/3 down while the other two thirds are in rotation. Each year will need some pruning throughout but not as severely.
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