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Not for everyone but a few of you may be able to use.
Not exactly organic BUT it worked.

My greenhouse (6"x8'), in which I am babying some of my more precious figs, got a minor gnat infestation and worse yet, a white fly problem thanks to my wife's plant she brought in.
I fought them for quite some time and FINALLY think I have knocked them out.
The winning combination?
1) Water with mosquito dunk water (half a dunk to a 5 gallon bucket of water)
2) Use the yellow sticky cards to trap (esp the white flies)
3) Moth balls, yes, Moth balls. 
     a)  Put a few in the little mesh bags I use to protect ripening figs
     b)  Place the bags at the base of the potted plant(s), and a few around the floor of the  greenhouse.
     c)  Remove bag to water, replace after watering (not sure what affect the wash out of moth ball liquid would have on the plants)

It has been 4 weeks now since I started the moth balls and have not seen a gnat or a white fly since the day after I first placed the balls.  A few collected on the yellow sticky cards but even that stopped after a few days.


This produces a strong mothball odor and is probably only to be done in cases like mine, a small area that I only spend a minute or two in at a time, not a room in the house or basement etc., if anyone is spending any time in the area.

Greg North West Arkanasas Zone 6b
Wish list: any SPECTACULAR cold hardy figs, and/or perhaps a Niagra Bl., Laradek EBT, Kathleen's Bl, Hunt, a great UNK or anything anyone wants me to have???
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