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Can I get an ID on these small beetle-like bugs that are eating my fig leaves? I live in Hawaii and a couple weeks ago these bugs showed up in a swarm. I sprayed neem twice and they keep coming back. I use a bug zapper a night and it kills some. Those that do not go towards the light and flock on my house are vacuumed up with a shop vac. They are now moving on to my citrus leaves. Please help.
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I have never seen this insect before, but I wonder how it would like a sprinkling of chili powder on the leaves.
Battle Ground, Wa /Zone 8a  


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Try spraying the ground with a Bifen or permithrin, spelling?
I had a rather mild infestation and just sprayed under the trees.
They started on Apple, then persimmon and finally figs.
After 2 applications before and after rain the leaves are growing again. You can crush the beetles at night by hand on the plants.
Might want to wear gloves and headlight.

south La. Z 9

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