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A friend wants 3 fig trees for in ground Z 9.  She has the wasp but not necessarily in great quantity.  She showed me a photo of a "caterpillar" in a fig.  It wasn't in sharp focus but it looked like a fig wasp.   From past years I'm guessing she has a bird planted caprifig.  It's not certain because it wasn't watered and I didn't see any fruit photos.  For those of you in that wonderful climate, what are your 3 favorite figs with some variety in flavor? 

Would LSU Gold work well in the drier summers but wetter winters?

Any Z 9 opinions are welcome.


Zone 6, MO

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Galicia Negra, Martineca Rimada, De La Reina - Pons, Genovese Nero - Rafed's, Fioroni Ruvo, Sbayi, Souadi, Acciano, Any Rimada, Sodus Sicilian, any Bass, Pons or Axier fig, any great tasting fig.

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Black Maderia, Negronne/VdB and RdB
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