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Green house grown Nero600 in pot culture - roots in ground. Vigorous. Good taste.

VdB pictured with Nero600. Better taste is VdB.

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Gorgeous -- thanks for posting these photos!
Christine - Waddell, AZ
Zone 9b / Sunset Zone 13, 8-9" annual rainfall

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WOW!! Beautiful Figs! Great Photos, can't wait for mine after looking at yours, thanks for posting! : )
Frank from BamaZone 7-b Alabama


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Mahatma Gandhi


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Nice. I rooted a few Nero 600 (from a discount source), but many were stunted (fmv?), only kept the most vigorous one, here on sand vigour is a must...besides taste, which does best for you?
West Florida / Panhandle (Central time). Can get cold for figs...down to 12 F twice in last five years. Zone 8a, not counting the recent "upgrade"

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Well at least I know what to expect out of my Nero600. Frost killed my tree back earlier this year so I probably won't see anything for another year. 
Spokane, WA ZONE 6A
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Very nice!  
Someone mentioned that in PNW VdB and Negronne are the same fig.  It seems in N.E. there is another VdB in circulation with very narrow leaves. 


Pino, zone 6, Niagara
Wish List: Brogiotto Bianco, Fico Datto, Fiorone di Ruvo, Fracazzano Multicolore, Fiorone Oro, Popone, Rigato del Salento and other multi colour striped figs

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Can you post a picture of just your leaves please. I wanted to see the shape of them

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Hey Paul, I personally love Violette de Bordeaux and think when perfectly ripe is an excellent tasting fig and one everyone should have. I have never grown Nero600 to find out it's better than VDB is very interesting. I'm currently growing VDB AF, Negronne, Vista. All 3 are nearly identical but ripen at different times and Vista so far seems to have the better tasting brebas of the 3.
Mississauga, ON, Canada Z5B/6A
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