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Ive most recently planted my first fig, now i want more. Lol. I live in NC so im not sure what kind would be best to plant eaither. If anyone has any cuttings to share or sell please contact me.
Thanks for your time

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I live in Cary, NC - a suburb or Raleigh.  I got into figs two years ago and it is a lot of fun.  

Sources for fig trees and cuttings are - church gardens (many in this area have fig trees and will trade a cutting for a donation or a rooted fig tree), garden clubs, farmers markets - the State Farmers Market in Raleigh is great, and just asking people that have fig trees for a cutting.

The best figs in North Carolina in my opinion are grown on our coast - trees do better with the milder weather and some families have been raising figs for more than five generations.

Popular fig types here are Black Mission, Brown Turkey and Celeste.

If you come through Cary I can give you some cuttings of all the above.

Good luck!


Tad Einloth

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Where in NC are you located?
Ooltewah, TN (SE TN) Zone 7a

LSU figs.....Purple, Gold, Tiger, Champagne, O'Rourke, and Scott's Black. (GEAUX TIGERS!)

 Brown Turkey, Black Jack, Black Italian, Brandy, Celeste, Condradia, Chicago Hardy, Dalmatie, Desert King, Ischia Green, Italian Black, Kadota, Lil Miss Figgie, Lil Ruby, Olympian, Black Bethlehem, Panache, Jelly, Petite Negra, Raspberry Latte, Siblawi, Texas Everbearing, Violette de Bordeaux, White Marseille.  And very rare, top secret "unknowns" AKA as Lost tags! Plus many vaguely described figs such as "Louisiana Brown", "NOLA Irish Bayou" and  "LA Yellow", "Unk Purple" " Teramo unk"and on and on (I love unknowns).
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