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I was moving figs around so that those which were getting lanky went into more sun and anything producing fruit went into more sun as well.  I was surprised by 2 ripe Oregon Prolific figs.  The large one had partially broken off of the tree and it didn't look like it was going to get any more ripe.  The taste was sweet, brown sugar with a hint of a pleasant tang.  Not quite citrus, not quite berry.




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Very nice
john Zone 7a NY

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very nice. A brown sugar sounds like a really nice taste that would please many different people. This probably explains why Oregon Prolific is the "canned fig,"
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I pinched 4 figlets off to encourage vegetative growth.  By the look of these, maybe I should've kept at least 1.  Mahalo for sharing, Bob!

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I had my first perfectly ripe one yesterday.Sweet and concur with the brown sugar taste. Was very nice.
On the downside, we had just had days of rain and it was ripe before the rain but I forgot to pick it. When I was watering yesterday I saw it had exploded. It was definitely good though.

Jeff in zone 6a
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