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Anyone growing Hazelnuts?  If so what variety?  Did you start yours from seed or purchase from a nursery?  I want to grow some Hazelnut trees but not sure where to get them from, I have seen nursery's selling them online but they are usually seedlings that they just started.  I want some suckers to start with.

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A progressive grower with excellent growing skills:

Z's Nutty Ridge in Cortland, New York 1-607-756-4409

Looking for others in Canada that are willing to trade cuttings.

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There is a blight that affects the trees in the east. Beware.
I used to have 1100+ of them but was growing for reasons besides nut harvest (perigord truffle fungus).
They were healthy but I was told nut production would be affected by at least 25%.
Good luck.

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