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I'm anticipating pruning of new figs this fall, in preparation for winter. Does this resemble the same principles as pruning any other fruit tree, i.e., remove branches that cross other branches, encourage outward-growth, etc? I'm guessing that removal of terminal buds will encourage branching?
The pieces removed from either 1st year or older growth can be rooted to produce more plants? Can the cuttings be grown indoors, under lights, or should they be kept potted/cool in a dark basement area?
The only fig I have that is at all bushy is my noid, possibly 'petite negra', which I planted in the ground a year ago, and has responded wonderfully.

I don't plan on reducing its overall size this time, and will wrap/insulate it as before in very early December.

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Your trees are a bit small to need pruning, unless you want a "center ladder" (e.g. tree, not a bush) form. If so, I would prune after they are dormant (if you do not take them indoors).

If you wait till after dormancy, you will have better cuttings for propigation.

However, if you want a bush form, leave no more than three branches...Grant and others find this increases the survivability of the tree...figs need winter protection in cold areas.

Search engine here is your second best friend, lots of good info.

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Your tree is still small. Let her grow.
In my experience, cuttings are best made in the beginning of March and put to root asap - when for own "consumption".
In the season, you can cut one branch that does criss-cross, or one branch that grows towards the center instead of growing outward .
But each branch you remove means less food/less photosynthesis for the plant .
I wouldn't cut anything before the plant reaches 1m /3' of height.
It is still time to give her a shot of fertilizer and keep her well watered.
Each tree will react differently !
Good luck !

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Thank you for your good advice! I'll hold off on pruning until March, when any wnter damage can be assessed. I think my noid is either Chicago, or perhaps Brown Turkey, not Petite Negra, based
mostly on leaf shape. It may also not be a large grower, and could well max out at 5' or 6', which is fine with me.

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If it's a large grower you will be looking at 5 or 6 feet in the rear view mirror.

I know you are not 117.

edit Well I just read it again after a sip of coffee. I see you said NOT a large grower.

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