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As much as I love to start rooting cuttings in my plastic totes with orchid moss, I just don't have the time to devote to caring for them.  On top of that, I didn't get to prune my tree before it leafed out!  So what could I do to try and root any cuttings I have??

I put them in a pile on the north side of my house (the backyard), covered them with leaves and watered.

Hopefully something will root and grow.

First 2 pictures are the pruned branches, from 1/4" to about 1"diameter

P2191039.JPG  P2191040.JPG 

Here's the pile before being covered.  I trimmed them so they are single branches.


 If they root that would be great!   If not, that's OK too - nothing ventured nothing gained:)

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I'm curious.  The picture was taken on the 23rd, three weeks plus ago.  Did anything happen?  I thought you had to have the cuttings in contact with the soil.
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