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I'm so sorry to read of the tragic forest fire in Central Portugal, and the many lives that were lost. My prayer goes out to all of our Portuguese friends. Que Deus esteja contigo.
Gary in CA 9A  Seeking Peace and figs for all

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Gary, I echo your sentiments. May God's blessings be with those who suffered this terrible tragedy.
Waterford, Ct. Zone 6B

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Our hopes and prayers are with all affected....

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My cousin is a volunteer firefighter there. Here's to hoping he's ok

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Very early in the year for forest fires may have caught people off guard.
Very sad situation.
Our prayers and condolences' to all affected by this tragedy.


Pino, zone 6, Niagara
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I would also like to express my sorrow to all those affected by the terrible fires that have been suffered in Portugal and also in London. Life is such a precious and fragile thing.
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On behalf of the Portuguese members i would like to thank your condolences and prayers towards all those affected by this tragedy. 

I don't live in the area but know it well, particularly the forest road where most of the people were trapped and killed, when trying to escape the fires that were surrounding their homes.

They spread so quickly that was impossible to help them. A couple of small local villages (some with less than 30 people) lost half their inhabitants. A real tragedy that will be real hard to overcome by those that lived.


Jaime - Zone 9b - near Caldas da Rainha - Portugal
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