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Tell us what your favorite best green fig was. As far as I was concerned I was able to try my two year old JH Adriatic for the first time. I had to wait for the right one as we've had wierd summer weather which has effected ripening on almost everything, but the JH? It was a great fig. Truly 'exceptional' in texture- like no other- 'Smooth and Creamy'- not much of a seed crunch and much like a near firm ice cream in consistency.  Sweetness ' was a perfect balance of sweet-, I love sweet, but in this dept., it did not compete or overpower other attributes like Taste- a true mixed berry.  My Strawberry Verte is good too, with a real 'strawberry taste' but in overall satisfaction my perfectly ripe 'JH Adriatic' was the clear winner for a green fig -"Well, so far anyway"  hehehe  :)
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I don't have that many. I did notice that when hit by a heavy frost, Strawberry Verte lost it's figs, and failed to produce more. Whereas Battaglia Green retained or produced more. My JH is too small to make any conclusions.  So B Green seems to be a good one for northern regions, although fig production is late, not all will ripen. Enough to keep it for me. The frost was heavy enough to damage most leaves that the figs have. Other figs produced, some stopped production. I learned a lot.

Also accounts by Cliff stated he prefered SV to JH, so it's an individual thing. All have similar taste profiles.

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Strawberry Verte
Steve in Alpine TX 7b/8a
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I'll just also comment that all my trees are small 1st or 2nd year trees. The JHA is in a 4gal SIP, while the SV is in a 3 gal grow-bag for now. Plus I only let the SV make 2 figs this year. More time is really needed to judge.

My best one this year, however, was an unknown Verte (with single and three lobed leaves) from a local nursery. Labeled as a "Celeste" when I purchased it.

My Battaglia Green has not ripened yet, and I only left two figs on it as well.


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I don't know why they call it Yellow Neeches. It came from UCD and it's green. It took a while to fruit, but taste wise, if I was to keep one green fig, at this time, this would be the one.

Sas from North Austin TX Zone 8B


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My favorite this year is Dalmatie.
It has a perfect combination of sweetness and texture, and is also quite big.

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Strawberry Verte. One SV is in poor clay soil, full sun, reflected heat and has been producing lots of figs all season, -a tasty breba crop as well as an intense, sweet berry flavored main crop. When the figs shrivel and dry up in the heat, they taste even better. The other SV in a large pot isn’t as productive. 

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I've only had SMGG so far but it was very good. Waiting on JH Adriatic.
Jeff in zone 6a
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Brooklyn white and Lyndhurst white can't decide between them

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I have 6 little fig trees about 1 1/2 year old and this is the first year I got any figs. I have an LSU that been a good little grower (can I get an ahhh?). Anyway I finally got A ripe fig off of it. It was big juicy and tasty -- that was my favorite -- especially considering my wife never thought the trees would make squat!!! I got another yellow fig coming on which I think might be a SV, but some of them got mixed up at the last transplanting so there might be a need for some fig identifying!
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My Unknown #6. The best of all brebas for this season

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