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I am wondering if anyone living in California might be interested in helping me find a grower of caprifigs, so that I might purchase some of the Profichi crop in June.

A person I have met has a tree he got from a cutting in Crete, and the tree he cut it from produced excellent figs. The tree he has here in Salt Lake gets many figs started, but doesn't ripen even one. They all drop. It seems like a few profichi figs hung in the tree might make a difference, but the closest place to here that they grow them is in the areas of California that seldom freeze. I did find the name for one grower near Orosi California but I am hoping to get addresses or email addresses.

Thanks if you can help.

Tom King
Salt Lake City, Utah

Zone 7a and 7b
(at home and at work, both places have figs)

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You are looking in the right place. You might contact the California Fig Board to see if they can put you on the trail on one of their growers who produces the Calimyrna figs.

Encanto Farms Nursery
"pitangadiego" everywhere
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