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Hello All,

I have 9 fig trees planted in ground (unknown type white: can anyone identify?).  Yesterday I saw that about 20 figs were ripened or over ripened.  The ripe figs were drooping and very soft to the touch.  The over ripened figs looked rotten so I picked them just to get them off the trees.  On almost all the figs I noticed the "eye" was dark almost black, and looked like it had some kind of webbing inside.  I cut these open and found 1-2 critters inside, and what seems like rotten flesh.  I had 1 or 2 figs that were ok, not sweet, and not really ripe, however, they were drooping and very soft to the touch.  I'm a little concerned, because I have 100's of figs growing now and I don't want to lose them.  Could these just be the first crop?  Can anyone shed some light on what I'm experiencing?

I've attached some photos:

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Did you let it over ripen on the tree?

Never had the problem myself.


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You can see fungus was introduced inside the fruit by the bug,trough the eye.
The climate in NJ is very humid and rainy,in August,so any open eye cultivars with interior cavity will spoil like this,in NJ.
Also cultivars that get ripe mid season(September),do better,Ex:(JH Adriatic),because it is less rainy,and humid in September.
End of September,Scott's Black is very good.
Harvest them sooner,and if you do not like the taste when under-ripe then discard the cultivar and grow a close eye one,like Celeste type,Gino,Jurupa,etc,which also has a solid interior.


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Half of our Marseilles Black VS, breba crop had a small open eye, with ants getting inside. When I first noticed the ants going inside the fruit, I was expecting the fruit to spoil. But to my surprise even though the ants were going inside the ones with a open eye, and it was raining, the Marseilles Black VS did not spoil or rot.

Another plus for Marseilles Black VS.

Herman, did Jon name both the Marseilles Black VS, and the Maryland Berry?

I thought I read once some place that Warren initially thought Marseilles Black VS, was a Brown Turkey. Did the Marseilles Black VS, and the Maryland Berry come from different tress?


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