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Was wondering if anyone could help me identify this fig from the mountains of the Dahuk region of Iraq?



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When I was in  Iraq I saw many fig trees , I think a lot of them were Sycamore Figs. That is what I believe is the type of fig in your pic (Leaf shape) do you have more photos of the tree ( Trunk at base, Full canopy , Under canopy ,Fruit )
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I do remember that the figs were medium sized, light yellow green on the outside, strawberry colored on the inside.  The trees were large with a smooth grey bark.   I'll scan through my pics and see if I can find more.  I have a couple container grown fig trees (all we can grow in Maine) and would love to get one of these varieties.


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I was about five or six years old when I left the Country, I will soon turn 45. Gives you an idea how longs it's been since.

Lived in Lebanon for nine months before I came to the U.S.

I remember my grandparents had a huge one in the backyard. The biggest one I can remember to this day.
The fruit was purplish ( maybe black ) and flat and was large.

I have a small tree now from back home ( thanks to a wonderful member here ). I hope it if the same fruit I am describing.

Thank you for the post mainer

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