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Let this be a warning to you.

I travel quite a bit with my job, normally for two weeks at a time.  This month, i was gone for three.  Trying to give him some additional responsibility and a little cash in his pocket, i gave him instructions on how to maintain my 100-ish cuttings in the basement and the plants in the house.  Water this much, every four days- touch the soil for moisture (and showed examples). 

Well,  he took the literal and watered every four days, even as leaves began to shrivel and dry.......

By the time of my return, about half of my cuttings had dried to a crisp, including all my Col de Dame Gris, Panache and some irreplaceable unknown italian figs.  

Been so down, it's hard to read the forum, even.  So let this be a warning, trust but verify. Train your plant sitter explicitly and follow up with phone calls and pictures.  



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So sorry! That is horrible!

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Sorry Johnny. PM me your contact info and I'll send you something.

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So sorry for all that loss...
Maybe next time It will be good to use facetime or something similar to se what is actually happening, especially with your most precious cuttings.

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Johnny, I can send you a replacement panache tiger this fall, just remind me!
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Johnny I feel your pain,2 weeks ago I got back from visiting family in Pakistan for 10 days,opposite climatic problem,over humid and too wet.Lost about 80% of my cuttings.I stayed away from the forum about 2 weeks.Loosing cuttings sucks
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So sorry to hear of your loss.
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