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This is the only tree I own that is doing this!!! It's treated exactly the same as my other 50+ trees, is this to much water? Is it a micronutrient deficiency? I use Neptunes harvest weekly, and also put fish bone meal on as a top dressing once per month, I occasionally add epsom salt to my water regimen???? I can't get it to get better??
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Well, it certainly looks like it is pulling nitrogen from the lower leaves. Maybe you have nutrient nutrient lock occurring somehow? 
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Add water.
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How moist is the potting medium?
If all else fails or is inconclusive, maybe unpot it and inspect the roots? Some house plants such as orchids will start to wilt if the roots are drowning. The natural reaction to wilted leaves is to water even more, which turns out to be the wrong approach. The roots could be burned if there's an accumulation of salts, or the soil has soured for some reason.
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